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About Us

Within the company of A - Tanks we have more than 20 years

experience working within the manufacturing, selling, drawing

and design of tanks.

We work alongside customers to meet their requirements to

fullfil their needs on a day to day basis within the construction


We have gained experience and knowledge working with

companies such as Polcon Systems, Polcon UK, Clearwater

PLC and Clearwater Polcon.

We offer a wide range of products to prevent the water

course contamination.

We also offer technical advice and support to ensure the

product you receive is the correct one for your project.

Working within the manufacturing of large GRP products and

setting up processes for many large companies for so many

years we can also offer GRP process consultancy in:

RTM - mould design, making of moulds, setting up and injecting

and product structure and assembly.

Spraying - the speeding up of processes by using spraying

equipment to lay all material on the mould.

Chop hoop winding - building of machine, making of the mould,

installation and running of the mandrel and design.

Handlay - also advise and support in the basic day to day of

hand laying of moulds and the making.

** We also specialise in glass fibre linings for roofs and ponds**

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